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Multi-Purpose Cupboard Single Door White
Single Door Multi-purpose Cupboard - White
Sick of the clutter? Need more storage? Well the Single Door Multi-purpose Cupboard - White is here to help! Featuing a slim structure, yet generous 5 tier internal storage, this is the perfect cupboard to add to your laundry, bedroom, bathroom and so much more!
Neaten up the home by storing your belongings in your new Single Door Multi-purpose Cupboard.
Single Door Multi-purpose Cupboard
Perfect for any room in the home even your bathroom
Store all your miscellaneous bits and pieces, towels, disinfectants
Made from particle board & paper lamination
Silver coloured legs and door handles
Elegant and stylish design
White paper laminate finish
Width: 40cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 180cm
Colour: White
Please note: Assembly Required. During the assembly process it is normal to see a small amount of chipping internally. This in no way affects the integrity of the fully assembled product.
Package Contents
1 x Single Door Multi-purpose Cupboard (with parts included for assembly)
1 x Users Guide & Warranty Certificate

Multi-Purpose Cupboard Single Door White

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