Double Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Top Spring Mattress In A Box

A memory foam amattress with soft stretch knit quilting for movement absorption, even weight distribution and comfort. Best of both worlds.
Replace uncomfortable futons and trundle beds with a proper pillow top spring mattress!
Our Mattresses are rolled up, sealed and boxed - simply pop it out where you wish to have it for an instant bed without the fuss of removalist delivery or awkward moving.
Great for families - replace every mattress in your home for the cost of one mattress and delivery service from a "real world" retail outlet
Complete in a box with a handle and wheels
Anti-allergy fabric
Medium to Soft Mattress Comfort
Material: 50% foam and 50% memory foam
Metal Pocket Springs
Colour: White / Charcoal / Black

Size: Double

Width: 138cm
Depth: 188cm
Height: 26.5cm

NO Assembly required as this mattress is packed using our high tech vacuum packaging technology in a box. It’s easy to unpack and it will expand in minutes after unpackaging and will restore to its original shape within couple days.

Memory Foam Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress - Double