Mateo Executive High Gloss Desk
The super-modern and sleek design of this Desk with Sliding Doors is perfect addition to your home or office. With a total of 2 sliding doors and 2 open shelves, it is perfect for housing books, CDs and so much more. In a classic white design it will suit most home decors and is a true bargain buy.Have easy access with 4 open compartments, and conceal items in the 2 drawers.

2 open storage compartments under desk
2 sliding doors full left to right sliding
E1 Board with Full Edging
Visible in UV High gloss & inner in MB foil
Top & side panel in 24mm honeycomb
Other Panels are 15mm & 18mm Particle Board

Width: 145cm
Depth: 145cm
Height: 75cm 

Overlapping Desk Area: 
Width: 145cm
Depth: 59cm
Height: 75cm 

Underlying Desk Area: 
Width: 145cm
Depth: 39cm
Height: 72.5cm 

Closed Slider Area
Width: 73cm
Depth: 35cm
Height: 32.7cm 

Open Shelf Area
Width: 73cm
Depth: 35cm
Height: 32.7cm 

Leg Room Area
Width: 103.4cm
Height: 65.7cm 

Colour: White
Please note: Assembly Required. During the assembly process it is normal to see a small amount of chipping internally. This in no way affects the integrity of the fully assembled product.

Package Contents
1 x Mateo High Gloss Desk (with parts included for assembly)
1 x Users Guide & Warranty Certificate

Please Note: Due to the weight of this product, 2 people are required to accept delivery.

Mateo High Gloss Executive Desk